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BNC To SMA Adapter

BNC To SMA Adapter

RF Coaxial Adapters Shenghao suppliers a variety of RF coaxial adapters, that allows connection between same and different series connectors. Shenghao coaxial adapters have excellent electrical performance. You can find kinds of BNC SMA adaptor, what’s more, rp-sma to bnc are also available in...

Technical Parameters

RF Coaxial Adapters


Shenghao suppliers a variety of RF coaxial adapters, that allows connection between same and different series connectors. Shenghao coaxial adapters have excellent electrical performance. You can find kinds of BNC SMA adaptor, what’s more, rp-sma to bnc are also available in our company.


Shenghao Electronic is one of the top level China Adapter manufacturers and suppliers, we are good at producing high frequency bnc to sma adapter, welcome to check Adapter guide, dimensions and drawing with us.

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